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Tech alone isn’t enough: Why corporate learning needs experiences

At a time when discussions about organizational strategies and corporate sustainability revolve around the implementation of technology, another element is making its way up the list of priorities that organizations should consider when thinking about the future of the business: corporate learning.


No, it’s not a new concept nor foreign to many organizations, but demand is growing, evolving and remains an essential aspect to increase corporate competitiveness and ensure success.


Embracing AI in higher education: beyond the classroom with avatars and generative AI

Imagine entering a world where education transcends traditional limits, propelled by the magic of artificial intelligence. This world is not a faraway dream, but rather a quickly developing reality in higher education. 

From AI Avatars that engage students in personalised learning experiences to Generative AI that creates unique content and research materials, AI technologies are transforming the educational landscape into an interactive, dynamic environment.


Supporting students with dyscalculia: a guide for teachers

Recognizing the signs of dyscalculia in our students is paramount to providing effective support and intervention. While occasional math difficulties are typical among children, persistent struggles may signal an underlying issue that requires attention. Here are key signs to be aware of:


Edtech trends to look out for in 2024

New year…new trends? 2024 will surely see the continued rise of artificial intelligence (AI). However, in the midst of this AI rush, other trends are emerging, evolving from "good to know" status to must-haves in education. Let's explore the essentials that will shape the educational landscape in 2024.