A look back at our 2023 achievements

In 2023, Constructor Group embarked on a journey of transformation, consolidating our diverse affiliates into Constructor Technology AG, our new Swiss-based headquarters. This strategic move aimed to enhance operational efficiency and strengthen strategic alignment across our various domains – a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and our valued partnerships.




Our key accomplishments in 2023:

  1. News and engagement: Our newsletter garnered over 12,000 subscribers, keeping them informed about our latest developments and insights.
  2. Industry recognition: Constructor's Grafari Phonics software was awarded the prestigious Worlddidac Award 2023, a recognition of its innovative approach to language acquisition.
  3. Global presence: Our team engaged in over 10 dynamic in-person events, fostering real-world connections and showcasing our expertise at major industry gatherings like EduTech Asia 2023, Grephen Conference 2023, and Learntec 2023.
  4. User growth and engagement: Our innovative tool, Constructor Avatar, experienced rapid adoption, with 310 users generating over 549 videos totaling 939 minutes of engaging content.
  5. Partnerships and collaborations: We renewed valuable partnerships with Ajax Amsterdam, Hendrick Motorsports, and Geylang International Football Club, expanding our reach and impact across diverse industries.
  6. Digital presence: Our website attracted over 600,000 visitors, while our social media channels gained over 31,000 followers, creating a vibrant online community.
  7. Educational impact: More than 1,000 parents trusted Constructor for Schools products to support their children's learning and development.
  8. Global expansion: Constructor Group reorganized its corporate structure in Switzerland, merging various affiliates into Constructor Technology AG, a company headquartered in the canton of Schaffhausen Switzerland since 2020. As a result, Constructor Technology AG operates now in particular Constructor’s all-in-one platform for education and research through its hybrid infrastructure solutions and customizes products not only in learning & education but also in sport tech alongside with autonomous mobility.


As we embark on 2024, we are energized by the achievements of the past year and excited to continue innovating, collaborating, and shaping the future of education, sports technology, and autonomous mobility.


Thank you to our incredible team, valued partners, and supportive community for making this journey possible. We look forward to another year of groundbreaking achievements and inspiring collaborations!


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