Alemira and Rolos become Constructor

We are excited to announce that Alemira and Rolos are becoming Constructor, an all-in-one platform for education and research powered by machine intelligence (MI). 


Constructor's mission is to empower educators, researchers, and learners with innovative tools and solutions. Constructor offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet the diverse needs of the education market, from K-12 and higher education to research, alternative credentials, and corporate learning, and also professional sport.


 The wide range of products includes an LMS, Labs, Proctor, administrative tools that promote active learning, an infrastructure and platform for research, and an upcoming Avatar tool that enables customized avatars and humanizes online learning experiences. 


Constructor will also leverage the combined expertise of Alemira and Rolos to improve performance and streamline business operations in professional sports. The MI expertise brings digital transformation to the sports industry with solutions such as Brand Impact, Team Radio, Game Analytics, Video Indexing, and Car Photo Analytics, as well as consulting services. The company aims to improve performance analytics, streamline scouting and recruiting, and improve event management, among many other benefits.


“At Constructor, we believe that education, learning and research are essential to progress and innovation,” said Laurent Dedenis, CEO of Constructor. “Our team's expertise in software platforms, machine intelligence, and data science ensures that our solutions remain on the cutting edge of technology and relevant to the demands of today’s education, research and business sectors.”


Constructor is supported by a network of experts and advisors, including Konstantin Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics, Markus Gross, Chief Scientist of Disney Research at the Walt Disney Studios, Duccio Medini, DataScience Strategic Director and Founder of Pangenomics, and Andrey Ustyuzhanin, Prof. of Big Data Analysis and Head of MI lab at Constructor. The engineering and product management teams include over 200 employees, combining more than 100 man-years of expertise in the field of MI.