Constructor and Corpay gear up for groundbreaking entry into the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League with cutting-edge AI and computer vision technology

Abu Dhabi, UAE - April 24, 2024 – Constructor, a leader in Machine Intelligence (MI) and autonomous mobility, is excited to announce its entry into the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) on April 27th at the renowned Yas Marina track. Constructor’s participation in the landmark event, supported by Corpay’s Cross-Border business, marks a significant leap in autonomous racing, featuring next-generation Super Formula Dallara SF23 equipped with a custom-built AI stack and capable of reaching breathtaking speeds up to 300km/h.


Organized by ASPIRE, the program and business development arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), what’s unique about the A2RL is that all competing vehicles are identical in make, ensuring a level playing field where the true test lies in the sophistication of each team's racing software. These Super Formula cars are not only a testament to the advancements in automotive engineering but also to the commitment towards a greener future, being manufactured from bio-composite materials. The challenge for our team and others is to develop and fine-tune racing software that excels in control, path planning, and obstacle avoidance, setting the stage for an unparalleled demonstration of AI prowess in autonomous racing.


The Chief Growth Officer of Constructor Platform Sport, Zeca Carvalho, shared his insights, "The A2RL Championship is not just a race; it's a bold step forward in the fusion of AI and automotive excellence. With the backing of Corpay and the support of its world-class financial services to our operations, we’re showcasing a vehicle that not only competes at high speeds but also embodies the pinnacle of Machine Learning and autonomous technology development."


"The Corpay Cross-Border team is thrilled to venture into the realm of autonomous mobility and to be named the Official Global Foreign Exchange Partner of Constructor Racing. This partnership underscores our commitment to fostering innovation in the world of cross-border payments and currency risk management, and to driving technological breakthroughs. By supporting Constructor’s entry into A2RL, we're contributing to a future where autonomous vehicles enhance safety and performance on and off the racetrack." Stated Brad Loder, VP Cross-Border Marketing at Corpay.


Reflecting on the broader impact of the event, Stephane Timpano, CEO of ASPIRE stated "A2RL stands as the world’s largest platform for autonomous racing research and development, pushing the envelope of what AI can achieve in vehicle autonomy. We’re delighted that Constructor, supported by Corpay, is joining this year’s championship. Their participation underscores the event's role in advancing automotive technology”.


About Constructor

Constructor is an all-in-one platform for education and research. With machine intelligence and data science expertise, Constructor is built to cater to the needs of schools, higher education, corporate training, alternative credentials, and professional sports, offering solutions for teaching and administration, learning, and research. From infrastructure to applications, Constructor elevates learning experiences, empowers educators, and drives research breakthroughs.


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About Corpay

Corpay, Inc. (NYSE: CPAY) is a global S&P500 corporate payments company that helps businesses and consumers pay expenses in a simple, controlled manner. Corpay’s suite of modern payment solutions help its customers better manage vehicle-related expenses (such as fueling and parking), travel expenses (e.g. hotel bookings) and payables (e.g. paying vendors).  This results in our customers saving time and ultimately spending less.  Corpay Cross-Border is a part of Corpay, Inc.

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About A2RL

The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL) is a pioneering new motorsport that combines the push for artificial intelligence (AI) innovation with intense on-track action. Each year, engineers, programmers, and scientists will come together to develop leading-edge driving AI, ready to compete in a series of challenges and claim their stake in a multi-million-dollar prize pool.


Organized by ASPIRE, the business development and program management arm of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Tehcnology and Research Council, A2RL aims to accelerate the global development of autonomous systems and technologies. It is also intended to help make Abu Dhabi a global R&D hub for autonomous vehicle technology while also inspiring the next generation of STEM talent.


The first-ever competition will be held at world-renowned Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi on 27 April 2024. For more information, visit