Constructor earns acclaimed Worlddidac Award 2023 for Grafari Phonics software

Constructor's Grafari Phonics earned the Worlddidac Award 2023. The Worlddidac Award is the most prestigious award for educational resources and has been awarded for more than 30 years. This esteemed recognition highlights Constructor’s exceptional contribution to life-long education, starting from Grafari in the realm of language acquisition in first grades to higher education and corporate learning. 


Constructor earns acclaimed Worlddidac Award 2023 for Grafari Phonics software

The Grafari Phonics app is predecessor to Grafari Orthograph, which is already available in more than a dozen languages including English. App enables the brain to effortlessly detect orthographic patterns by also leveraging multi-sensory learning techniques involving colors, shapes, and tones. 


And Grafari Phonics app introduces learners to reading and writing in German through the letter-sound correspondence and regular writing. It combines digital and analogue methodologies, facilitates learning through multi-sensory cues such as colors and visemes, and automatically individualizes the content for each user and thus allows each user to progress autonomously at its own speed.


Laurent Dedenis, CEO of Constructor, gladly accepted the honor: "This second time, that Worlddidac rewards one of our applications confirms Constructor’s commitment to pioneering exceptional digital educational experiences. It's a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in edtech and the profound influence Grafari Phonics and Grafari Orthograph have on learning how to read and write. We are truly happy to receive this award".


“The learners can work very autonomously with Grafari. That’s great. On top, I experience added value both for struggling as well as for excelling students.” - Yvonne Götz, Special Education Needs Teacher, ED Basel Stadt.