Advancing higher education: insights from Constructor's participation at THE Europe Universities Summit 2024

Constructor participated as a technology partner at THE Europe Universities Summit 2024, organized in collaboration with Constructor University, held in Bremen, Germany.

The summit delved into the pivotal role of universities and higher education institutions in advancing societies across Europe and globally through strategic partnerships. Participants explored how academic institutions can align efforts, resources, and expertise to generate tangible and sustainable outcomes for society.

Avatar recording at THE summit

Key themes included:

- Partnerships between universities and industry: Highlighting the importance of collaboration between academia and industry for innovation and societal progress.
- Partnerships within the higher education sector: Discussing the significance of intra-sector collaborations in enhancing educational quality and accessibility.

- Partnerships between universities and civil society: Exploring how universities can engage with civil society to address societal challenges and promote positive change.

The event facilitated compelling discussions on the future of education, attracting esteemed delegates from higher education and enterprises worldwide. Constructor's stand garnered significant interest from attendees, with many engaging with our Avatar technology where we recorded instant avatars for over 30 delegates.

Additionally, Dmitrii Istomin, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Constructor, led a thought-provoking lunchtime colloquium on "The Transformative Impact of AI on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning." The colloquium examined how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing education methodologies and approaches and also provided insights into why governments and institutions are increasingly integrating AI into teaching processes, with significant investments in teacher training, productivity enhancement, assessment methods, and knowledge sharing.

Overall, THE Europe Universities Summit 2024 provided a platform for meaningful exchanges and collaborations, paving the way for innovative partnerships and initiatives in higher education.