Constructor participates at EDUtech Asia - the leading conference in the industry

At Edutech Asia, we're thrilled to have participated in conversations on innovative, adaptive, and collaborative learning experiences that can help re-imagine education and improve the efficiency of education administration worldwide.


Our award-winning integrated learning platform comprises education and science management designed for schools, universities, bootcamps, and businesses. Not only do we make learning innovative, but we also empower teachers with a wide range of tools and resources.


Our cutting-edge solutions like Orthograph and Calcularis, developed after years of neuroscientific and AI research, and Proctor, using advanced AI technology to observe engagement in real-time are true examples of what Constructor strives to offer.


Educational institutions can seamlessly embrace the change and transition to digital methods through our learning tools and create better learning experiences.


If we’ve missed you at the conference, reach out to us for a demo!


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