Constructor partners with Geylang International Football Club

Exciting news! We're proud to announce our partnership with Singapore Premier League’s Geylang International Football Club. As an all-in-one platform provider for sports teams, Constructor is committed to elevating GIFC's performance and providing a significant competitive advantage. 

With industry-leading machine intelligence capabilities (MI), the team will upgrade various aspects of their operations, including performance analysis, scouting, and recruitment, as well as increasing audience entertainment & fan engagement. Our focus is on helping the team win more, increase revenue from sponsors, and improve communication, security, and compliance in sports.

This Sunday, Constructor's team had the incredible opportunity to attend the game and meet with the team behind GIFC and players. It was an amazing experience to witness firsthand the dedication and talent of the GIFC team. We are thrilled to work closely with them and support their journey towards success.

Get ready to see GIFC soar to new heights in the 2023 season with Constructor's innovative sports tech solutions!