Grafari (Orthograph) and Calcularis - Practical user tips


Constructor School is used across all age groups and learning abilities, making it the perfect solution for effectiveness and time-saving in educational institutions.


Our innovative learning programs train the basic skills in spelling and mathematics. They use multisensory techniques and adapt individually to each learner, so all students can benefit from a truly inclusive system. To make the best of our programs in the classroom, we have put together a few tips, applications, and lesson ideas for you and your schools.

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Tips for using Grafari (Orthograph)in the classroom


Would you like to edit Grafari (Orthograph) for your class? In the Constructor School Cockpit, under the "Documents" tab, you will find a "Working Cards" PDF with a prepared introductory lesson and a worksheet with lots of background information on how our brains work.


Maybe you work in English with a weekly plan?


Integrate a 20-minute training sequence by deploying some computers or tablets. Our learning program can be worked on independently by the students.


Did you know that you, the teacher or even the students can create their own modules?


So you have the opportunity to actively influence the vocabulary that is being trained. For example, you can set up a selection of weekly words to be practiced, or words that are consistently misspelled in a text or maybe choose some problematic words from a book your class is working with. Incidentally, you can also enter whole sentences with the “copy-paste” function; this is very fast and easy. If digital word lists are available, you can save yourself from the tedious typing and create your own modules and learning plans in no time.


Would you like to use Grafari (Orthograph) in foreign language lessons?


We have two options. The first is a ready-made option with learning plans in French and German. The second option is to enter your own words and choose from several languages ​​(German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) how the word should be said. For example, say the word “water” and enter “wasser.” Or you hear “Comment tu t’appelles?” and enter “what is your name?”.


Would you like your learners to focus on only one game, for example, the graph game?


To do this, log in and click on the small white arrow in the upper left corner of the spell checker. So you can directly choose the three games’ color, graph and educational games. Do you have competent students who only struggle with certain sight words? In free training, learners can select the module they want to work on. So, for example, you choose a module that focuses on words with the silent letter ‘e’ at the end.


Do you want your learners to focus on specific words before continuing their regular training?


Create a new module. This has priority over guided and independent training. Only when the learners have learned the new module will they be offered the choice of training again. This means you can be sure that these words have been understood thoroughly.


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Tips for using Calcularis in the classroom


Would you like to edit Calcularis with your class? 


We also prepared an introductory lesson for the Calcularis program. The worksheet with a lot of background information on the functioning of the human brain can also be found in the documents tab in the Constructor School Cockpit. 


Has your class not been introduced to the hundreds or thousands yet? 


No problem, you can restrict the number limit in the Constructor School Coach Settings and change them back when your class is ready! You must bring the larger numbers back into the game at some point… Otherwise, it will eventually get boring for the students. 


Do you have high school students?


Our learning program constantly analyses the level of learning and makes it possible to keep students on their toes. So nobody is either overwhelmed or under-challenged, which works perfectly for older learners.


Do you only want to edit a specific game within a particular number range?


Click the user name in the upper right corner of the Calcularis program and select the trial mode. To confirm the activation, you must enter your password. Now you can choose all the games available to you in the Calcularis and flexibly select all number ranges from 0 to 1000 and discuss or test them with your students.

Calcularis Coach dashboard screenshot
Constructor School Coach in Calcularis

 Overview and control, thanks to Constructor School Coach


Look again and again in our evaluation program, Coach and see how your learners train with Grafari (Orthograph) and Calcularis and analyze the progress they have already made or where difficulties have emerged. You have the option to print reports and certificates in the Coach. Maybe for the next parents’ evening? Or, as a treat, why not create certificates for the student’s achievements? This is a beautiful way to not only see progress but also to reward the learners’ progress. 


We wish you many happy and successful moments with Constructor School in your classrooms!