How to implement your AI strategy quickly and efficiently

Everyone's talking about the transformative technology that has disrupted virtually every sector, including education – artificial intelligence (AI). AI is more than just fancy tech, it's changing the way we solve problems and make things better. Institutions and businesses know they need to switch things up, but where to start?


In our informative session entitled “How to implement your AI strategy quickly and efficiently”, our experts outlined the steps needed to get your AI strategy up and running in three simple stages: content creation, information consumption, and skills assessment.


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Stage 1 – Accelerate and scale your course content with generative AI


In the first stage of your AI integration strategy, we come up against a common hurdle: the demand for rapid course content creation in various sectors of education. While higher education accreditation processes naturally extend the lifecycle of courses, certification centers and businesses are faced with the monthly imperative of updating or designing entirely new courses. This time-sensitive challenge underlines the need for an agile, resource-efficient solution.


The focus is on essential enhancements to the course lifecycle, with particular emphasis on course design, content generation, and assessment. Using cutting-edge technologies such as ChatGPT and our proprietary Avatar, we can present a compelling real-world scenario, showing a remarkable 5x reduction in resource spend and significant time savings in course delivery.


Thanks to a strategic infusion of generative AI at every phase, this not only ensures consistency but also elevates quality, offering a robust solution to the complex task of maintaining consistency while dynamically generating diverse course components.


Stage 2: Turn information consumption into active knowledge discovery


In the second stage, we look at the potential for transforming Learning Management Systems (LMS) from passive information consumption to active knowledge discovery. Beyond the simple acceptance of generated content, an LMS platform represents a paradigm shift based on a deep understanding of the problems prevalent in existing LMS solutions. Through rigorous market analysis and customer engagement, we identified common complaints such as cumbersome interfaces, rigid content structures and limited scalability that lead to inadequate learner engagement. This valuable feedback fueled the development of Constructor LMS - a modern, intuitive, all-in-one solution.


An LMS solution should enable rapid content creation, promote active, hands-on learning experiences, and provide unlimited modular scalability. An adequate solution for today's needs should cover all usage scenarios, from content creation and management to student or learner management and content consumption.


Stage 3: Assess and maintain high standards with AI proctoring


In the third stage, we explore the field of assessing and maintaining high standards through AI-powered proctoring. Proctoring technology, typically associated with combating cheating attempts in online exams, is proving its versatility beyond the digital realm. With successful implementations in test centers, universities and certification centers, its flexibility in a variety of exam modalities is becoming evident.


As we navigate the AI-powered proctoring landscape, its adoption is emerging not only as a response to the online needs of the pandemic but as an imperative standard practice. Personal experience underlines that surveillance technology is increasingly seen as indispensable. In this context, we emphasize four key advantages of a robust proctoring tool, attributes that were instrumental in the development of our in-house solution, Constructor Proctor:


  • Extensive expertise coupled with a strong reliance on AI.
  • Flexibility in solution development, with an emphasis on adaptability and responsiveness to diverse needs.
  • Customization, taking into account the unique needs of each user.
  • Accessibility & scalability to demonstrate readiness to adapt to cultural nuances, legal requirements, and diverse educational infrastructures.


Ready to implement AI in your learning strategy?


In the digital age, AI is emerging as the undisputed star of education. Watch our webinar on the subject for better guidance on how to quickly integrate AI into your educational arsenal. Whether it's revamping content creation, reshaping learning experiences, or conducting assessments with AI, remember that it doesn't have to be complicated. A good AI strategy starts with the right information and the right solution.