Introducing picture passwords for administrators in school management

In today's fast-paced educational environment, efficiency is paramount. Have you ever found yourself helping a classroom full of students log in? We're excited to unveil a groundbreaking solution in institution management: Picture Passwords. This new tool will not only save teachers time but also empower students to take control of their login process. 


Now, administrators can easily enable picture passwords for entire student groups within their institution. This eliminates the need for individual password management and ensures a consistent login process throughout the institution. Once picture passwords are enabled, administrators can quickly print password sheets for their designated groups. These sheets contain easy-to-follow instructions, making it simple for students to log in without any hassle. 


By implementing picture passwords, we encourage students to become more independent in managing their logins. This empowers them to take charge of their learning journey, giving teachers more time to focus on education itself. It simplifies the login process, allowing both educators and students to thrive in the digital age of learning.