New research conducted with the help of Constructor Research Platform

Exciting news! Nobel Prize Laureate Konstantin Novoselov published his new research. The paper "Unveiling the complex structure-property correlation of defects in 2D materials based on high throughput datasets" focuses on 2D material properties and their correlations with structure irregularities. The research was conducted on the Constructor Research Platform.




The research platform is a valuable resource for researchers and engineers seeking to develop new materials with specific properties. It allows for uploading datasets and thorough data analysis and visualization needed to formulate or validate scientific hypotheses. The platform facilitates collaboration between students, researchers, and senior team members by providing a centralized space for collaboration and sharing data, code, and other resources. It streamlines the research process and offers enhanced supervision opportunities for students participating in research projects.


Kostya Novoselov's publication underscores the platform's significance and solidifies its position as a valuable tool for accelerating scientific progress. Experience the power of collaboration and machine learning with the Constructor Research Platform.


The data for the paper is available at: