What age groups can benefit from Grafari (Orthograph)?

This is a question we get from time to time here at Constructor: Can older students and adults benefit from using Grafari (Orthograph)? Or is the software just meant for younger children?


Most user studies examining Grafari (Orthograph) results were done with children. The first study involved 80 children between the ages of nine and eleven. The following user study was again conducted with children, this time 67, with varying learning needs. Both studies showed conclusive results that Grafari (Orthograph) helped all children improve their reading and writing skills, making a great leap for inclusion for Constructr School.


Another study was conducted at the University of Zurich with several adults to test the software’s benefits for adults. The study found the following results:

  • Participants made significantly fewer mistakes after three months of using the software
  • After a four-month break, the improvements were still measurable
  • Adults with a higher rate of errors at the beginning benefited most from the software

Those are pretty encouraging results! No research studies have been conducted on Grafari (Orthograph) and older students (teenagers and high school students). However, some schools that include the learning software in their curriculum have also used it with students up to 18 years old. These schools have seen improvement in these students’ reading and spelling skills.


So we are confident that all age groups can benefit from using Grafari (Orthograph). Seeing children and adults make progress in reading and spelling through our software inspires us here at Constructor School.