Game changer: GIFC embarks on a new era of sporting excellence with Constructor's Sports tech

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In sports, success often hinges on a combination of talent, strategy, and technology. Geylang International Football Club (GIFC), a prominent team in the Singapore Premier League, recognized the importance of harnessing cutting-edge technology to elevate their performance and gain a competitive edge.


The challenge

GIFC faced pressing challenges that prompted them to seek a technological solution:

  • Performance optimization: GIFC aimed to enhance their team's on-field performance through data-driven insights, advanced scouting, and improved recruitment processes. 
  • Operational excellence: Streamlining day-to-day operations, including communication, security, and compliance.


The partnership

GIFC's successful partnership with Constructor brought forth a new era of possibilities. The collaboration between the two entities has ushered in a period of positive change, advancement, and growth, particularly in terms of technological and strategic possibilities for the football club.

  • Machine intelligence (MI): Constructor's scientific research and cutting-edge MI tools such as Video insight empowered GIFC Coaching staff with a wealth of data that they use to prepare their weekly sessions. The high level of detail makes it easier to focus on specific objectives and planning structure. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Constructor helped GIFC optimize communication between team members in the organization, as well as with security and compliance processes that ensure smoother day-to-day operations.

Joshua Pereira, Team captain at GIFC says, “Constructor technology has helped us as a team to be able to see what we have done during the match. Post match analysis is very important as a professional, and it certainly helped us to analyze how we can work on and improve on, where we are, where we been attacking or defending and most importantly what we can do better to improve ourselves and you know any update is all about winning the next game and moving on so it definitely has helped us see where we can improve”. 

Zeca Carvalho, Chief Growth Officer at Constructor Sports tech says, “GIFC is taking all the necessary steps to leverage the most cutting-edge technologies can offer. Using Video insight is one great example of how Artificial intelligence could have a tangible impact on a football club’s performance. We are proud to be supporting them throughout that journey”.


The impact

The partnership between GIFC and Constructor led to positive developments and achievements. With Video insight:

  • On-Field Success: GIFC witnessed improvements in on-field performance. The feedback for countering the opponents’ weaknesses and exploiting the areas during game play led to more wins and enhanced competitiveness.
  • Fan Loyalty: The club's fans became more engaged, attending matches, interacting on digital platforms, and supporting the team passionately.
  • Operational Excellence: GIFC achieved streamlined operations, improved communication to ensure the smooth flow of information among team members and stakeholders, and enhanced security plus compliance by strengthening adherence to relevant regulations and standards. This ensures that the club operates in a compliant manner.

Khair Rizauddin, Team GM at GIFC says, “If you look at modern football in today's day and age the gap to top teams of elite professional football is very small. And every team is out there looking for a competitive advantage. I think that's where a lot of teams have turned to analytics and data to assist their coaches and their players in terms of preparing for the game. And also the overall performance. So here at Geylang International is no different. We want to give the best advantage to our team, to our coaches, to our players, to grow their performance in their job and in this regard we are very happy, very proud to have a partnership with constructor which allow us to leverage our on data and technology, in order to prepare our team to the best of their abilities.”


The collaboration between GIFC and Constructor in the realm of technology epitomizes the transformative force of innovation in professional sports. GIFC's inspiring journey to success, fueled by  machine intelligence and inventive solutions like Video insight, stands as a testament to the vast potential unlocked at the intersection of sports and technology. With Constructor's steadfast support, GIFC continues its ascent in the world of football, establishing a fresh standard for sporting excellence.



About Geylang International Football Club

Geylang International Football Club was established in 1974 when it was first known as International Contract Specialists. The club has enjoyed much success, winning the National Football League (1975-1977) as well as six successive titles in the Premier League from 1988 to 1993. They have also won the Singapore League twice in 1996 and 2001 and the RHB Singapore Cup in 2009.


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