Building tomorrow's leaders: Orienta Campus raises assessment standards with Constructor Proctor

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About Orienta Campus

Orienta Campus is dedicated to helping individuals realize their professional aspirations. Through a specialized professional development framework, the institution facilitates the transfer of vital knowledge and skills required for effective engagement in the professional sphere.

The institution offers flexible, high-quality training solutions through a variety of channels and program types, including degree courses, postgraduate courses, higher education courses, refresher courses, certifications, and professional qualifications.


Assessment overview and proctoring needs

  • Examination type: Training courses, undergraduate exams, postgraduate exams
  • Volume and periodicity: 20,000 exams per year
  • Integration: LMS Moodle
  • Services required: Yes


Main challenges 

Responsible for overseeing a staggering 20,000 annual examinations, Orienta Campus was looking for a proctoring solution that combined flexibility with unwavering integrity, to raise assessment management standards. The institution needed to ensure that the solution could also support educators while integrating seamlessly with their LMS Moodle.

Faced with these challenges, Orienta Campus prioritized a solution that met the requirements of their high-volume exam environment, without compromise.


Key results

  • Freeing up resources: Constructor Proctor's post-review mode freed educators from live supervision, allowing them to review sessions at their convenience. This not only saved time but also introduced much-needed flexibility.
  • Robust functionality for integrity: Constructor Proctor's suite of AI capabilities, including identity verification, facial recognition, and environmental control, proved indispensable in addressing key exam integrity concerns.
  • Seamless LMS integration: The seamless integration with the LMS Moodle is a testament to the effectiveness of Constructor's solution and the invaluable support provided by its team to Orienta Campus. The process was streamlined thanks to a specialized plug-in and minor customizations, ensuring seamless integration.

“Our students are very satisfied with the software. On their own, on the day scheduled for the exam, they can take the test comfortably remotely. The live alert system enables them to correct any suspicious behavior.”

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Orienta Campus

Benefits that also meet student needs

The implementation of Constructor Proctor has brought positive changes to Orienta Campus, not only in the way assessments can be carried out safely and honestly but also for the many exam candidates. Chief among these is student autonomy, facilitated by an innovative live alert system, which offers students real-time transparency on actions that may be perceived as violations, enabling them to rectify the situation. What's more, the ability to organize remote exams on scheduled days adds convenience and accessibility to the list of benefits.


Overall outcome

Constructor Proctor's strategic impact aligns perfectly with Orienta Campus' mission to enable individuals to acquire the skills and knowledge essential to their professional development. By employing this effective AI proctoring solution, educators' time is freed up to focus on other critical tasks, students gain greater autonomy, and all without having to compromise the security and integrity of their assessments. This symbiotic approach not only supports the institution's mission, but also enhances the efficiency of the educational process.