Personalisieren, präsentieren und interagieren Sie mit einem KI-gesteuerten Avatar.

Hauchen Sie Ihren virtuellen Inhalt zum Leben

Nutzen Sie die Kraft der künstlichen Intelligenz (KI) mit Constructor Avatar und erstellen Sie überzeugende Videos, um Ihre virtuelle Präsenz zum Leben zu erwecken.


Egal, ob Sie Bildungsvorträge halten, Firmenschulungen durchführen oder sich an professionellen Sportaktivitäten beteiligen, Avatar verbessert das Erlebnis Ihres Publikums und sorgt für einen bleibenden Eindruck.

Languages & Voices

140+ languages 
& 440+ voices

Ready to use Avatars

20+ ready-to-use avatars

No Post Production

No post 

Professional videos 10 times faster

Create your own avatar

  • Use your voice and appearance
  • Add gestures for better engagement
  • Translate to multiple languages and combine with your voice
Create Own Avatar

Choose ready-to-use avatars

  • 20+ diverse avatars 
  • 140+ languages and 440+ voice options 
  •  Pair avatars with gestures for better engagement
Ready-to-use avatars

How does it work?

Avatar - select your avatar

1. Pick an avatar

Avatar - add your script

2. Add 

Avatar - add gestures

3. Select gestures

Avatar - generate video

4. Generate video

Avatar Studio

Edit your videos by adjusting your avatar's position and combining media, text, shapes from our library.

No difference between human-made and AI generated videos


efficacy in enhancing viewers' information retention


audience respond 
to AI generated videos positively


Is Constructor Avatar technology safe and secure to use?

Constructor avatar technology is supported by Acronis, a renowned leader in data storage and protection. Therefore, utilizing it ensures a high level of safety and security.

Do I need technical skills to create avatar videos?

Constructor Avatar Technology is exceptionally user-friendly, requiring no coding or video editing expertise. It offers a seamless experience for users of all backgrounds, making it accessible and hassle-free.

How straightforward is the process of crafting an avatar?

Crafting a personalized avatar is made effortless with our professional services team. You can comfortably participate from your home as they provide step-by-step guidance online. The process involves setting up your phone camera, following provided scripts, and typically concludes within an hour when instructions are followed accurately.

Are avatar videos suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, avatar videos can be highly effective for educational purposes. They can simplify complex topics, engage students through interactive characters, and offer multilingual support for diverse audiences.

How seamless is the process of presenting using an avatar?

After generating your avatar video, effortlessly incorporate it into your Learning Management System (LMS), leverage online conferencing platforms like Zoom for presentations, or play the video using standard video players on your laptop or PC.