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Platform features

You don’t need code. Focus on your research. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Features overview

Improve the quality of your scientific experiments and increases the productivity of scientific and industrial research teams with our advanced platform features, powered by a high-performance infrastructure and supported by more than 40 partnering secure data centers globally.

Platform differentiators

Enhancing data processing, experimenting and sharing through advanced data sources that results in accurate prediction of desired physical properties:

  • Surrogate Models
  • Automated ML model retraining
  • Google-like queries across data and knowledge base
  • AI assistant digitizes human intuition

Offering next level collaboration for academics, scientists and researchers, Constructor Research Platform acts as a marketplace:

  • Access as “AppStore”-like Marketplace
  • Develop interactive papers
  • Seamlessly integrate with Constructor Communities

Integrative platform with cross-architecture support designed to seamlessly adapt to all types of systems and infrastructures:

  • Storage & compute cloud integration (Azure, AWS, GCP, S3, etc.)
  • Cross-architecture support (CPU, GPU, Quantum, etc.)
  • Deep integration with virtualization & local storage (VMware, Virtuozzo, K8S, SAN, etc.)

Built on entirely adaptable domain, Constructor offers a uniquely tailor-made platform:

  • Domain specific languages for data and operations
  • Domain specific algorithms and visualizations
  • Extensive data and algorithm library with extensive search capabilities
  • Robust SDK for easy custom domain-specific integrations
  • Source Code Access for advanced fine tuning

Platform architecture

We offer a multilayer architecture designed to simplify research processes and collaboration globally. The architecture consists of the application layer, user facing layer, middleware layer, abstraction layer and finally, the hardware layer. Each layer plays a strategic role in optimizing research processes and collaboration, offering a robust solution.




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All-in-one infrastructure that offers streamlined management, advanced computing, top-tier storage and innovative networking.

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