Comment l'école Emmen responsabilise les élèves et améliore l'enseignement grâce aux programmes d'apprentissage multisensoriel de Constructor School

Emmen School, located in a municipality of the same name outside of Lucerne, Switzerland, meets the educational needs of both elementary and secondary students through a series of differentiated courses aligned with students’ learning requirements. To better serve students and improve their varying skill levels, Emmen School needed a learning solution capable of adapting to individual learners while being easily integrated into the everyday school routine. The school also needed students to have access to the program both during school hours and while at home to provide more consistency for the learners. 


The Challenge: Implement an Adaptable Learning Program Suited to Each Student’s Needs

Emmen School, like most educational institutions, serves students with varying skill levels and prior knowledge while offering a variety of courses. Students take language courses, such as German, English, and French, in addition to classes like mathematics, science, history, and geography. Upon entering secondary school, students are divided into three categories, known as Levels A, B, and C, according to their performance during elementary school:

  • Level A students have higher requirements.
  • Level B students have extended requirements.
  • Level C students have basic requirements and include students with individual learning goals.


Additionally, students with learning disabilities like dyslexia or dyscalculia might take A-Level or B-Level courses, despite their individual learning needs. In these cases, students will complete all required courses in their assigned level but will receive specific support related to their learning disability.

Regardless of which path students take, the teachers at Emmen School strive to provide everyone with the highest quality education while meeting their developmental needs. That said, some students struggle more than others when it comes to language learning and mathematics. With a diverse population of learners, it was important for Emmen School to implement a program intuitive enough to anticipate individual student’s learning needs and ability levels.

Emmen School sought a learning solution that could support students no matter what their linguistic or mathematical skills might be, especially those with recognized learning disabilities like dyslexia or dyscalculia who could benefit from additional academic support.


The Solution: Intuitive Learning Programs That Support Each Child’s Development

Due to the diversity of the student population, Emmen School chose to partner with Constructor for Schools (formerly known as Dybuster), an edtech organization known for the adaptability of its learning programs. For more than a decade, Constructor for Schools has led the charge in multisensory learning by providing powerful tools to schools and educators designed to combat learning challenges like dyslexia and dyscalculia. Constructor for Schools’ intuitive programs have had a resounding impact for over 100,000 users across more than 1,000 schools. The edtech organization has been lauded for its effectiveness, low effort requirements, and unparalleled learning outcomes.

Emmen School implemented Grafari and Calcularis, learning programs designed to assist students struggling with language and mathematics, respectively. Both programs were developed in collaboration with neuropsychologists and computer scientists. The combined expertise of these professionals and the staff at Constructor Schools has yielded an approach that stimulates multiple brain channels simultaneously, uniquely benefiting children with learning disabilities.

According to Janine Grossniklaus, Special Education Needs Teacher at Emmen School, “I regularly use Constructor Grafari to strengthen the phonological awareness of young adults with a need for support in this area. We have an internal regulation that only those students with a language learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, that is recognized by our school psychologist may train with Constructor Grafari. The students work two to three times a week, half of the time at school and the other half at home.”

Grossniklaus also shared that the school signs agreements with students using the programs as a way to show accountability. Approximately every six weeks, she meets with the students to discuss their progress, which is important in motivating them in future endeavors.

The students take an active role in their learning, as well. When asked about using Grafari, Constructor’s language learning program, a student named Alessio said, “Probably the interaction of the presentations makes it easier for me to memorize the spelling. Grafari doesn't just dictate a word and then I have to write it. But in addition to the spoken word, I see it as a shape and I recognize letters by their colors and tones. These different impressions probably help me store the written word in my brain.”


The Results: Engaged Learners and Individual Student Support

Emmen School’s commitment to Constructor for Schools programs such as Grafari and Calcularis is clear. Educators regularly emphasize that learners must practice consistently to see results, and the students are more engaged.

When asked whether he voluntarily uses the Construct School programs, Alessio had this to say: “Yes, I have been working with the program regularly for half a year. Every week I practice with Grafari three times in the computer room at school. This is always after class, in my free time.”

The integration of technology into everyday learning has become second nature at Emmen School. The engagement spans in-school and at-home training, with individualized support agreements ensuring each student's progress is meticulously tracked.

For Grossniklaus, that means giving students appropriate, helpful feedback. “I try to maintain or at least support the motivation of the young people. It is important that I can show them my appreciation for the training performance they have achieved. Using the evaluation options of Grafari Coach, I can give detailed feedback.”


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