Gain insights into the reseller partnership opportunities with Constructor Schools

30 January, 2024

Gain insights into the reseller partnership opportunities with Constructor Schools


Are you an EdTech reseller, distributor, publisher, or another e-learning entity wishing to grow your business and expand your portfolio for schools and districts in primary education?


Discover how our research-based SEN solutions align with the evolving needs of educational institutions and gain insights into the reseller partnership opportunities we offer.


Don't miss the chance to learn from the success story and insights shared by our exclusive Dutch partner!


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Key insights:
Used by > 200,000 students
Used by > 4000 schools
Renewal rate in the local market (Switzerland) of >92.5%
Localization in more than 17 languages
Extensive Research:
20+ white papers, 6 entrepreneurial awards;
2 patents granted, 3 submitted.
Christian Voegeli
Christian Vögeli
Founder & General Manager Constructor for Schools

Christian Vögeli received his M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ) in 2005 with honors. As a research assistant he directed, with the support of psychologists, the first successful user study of Grafari (Orthograph) in 2006. He has effectively led the development of Grafari (Orthograph) from prototype to commercial product, and with his professor co-founded the company in 2007, which later turned into Constructor for Schools. He was the project leader for developing Calcularis, the first intervention tool for dyscalculia, for which neuronal improvements were shown. Ever since, Christian Vögeli is driven to support teachers and parents in their quest to unlock their children’s full academic potential.

Daniel M
Daniel Mulder
CEO & Founder Brightskills

Daniel holds an M.Sc in Business Administration with a focus on Finance from Erasmus University Rotterdam (RSM). He spent five years in Venture Capital before transitioning to Digital Transformation consultancy. A decade ago, he pivoted towards EdTech, acquiring products and establishing Brightskills.

As the founder of Brightskills, Daniel concentrates on distributing EdTech solutions primarily in the Dutch and Belgian markets. The company's main focus is on providing basic skills for K-12 students. Brightskills offers a mix of in-house developed products and partnerships with companies like Constructor, which include Calcularis and Grafari (Orthograph).