How to implement your AI strategy quickly & efficiently [For certification centers]

04 December, 2023

Today, everyone is talking about digital transformation and how large businesses and higher education need to implement their strategy – now more than ever with the accelerating progress of generative AI (which can be compared to the arrival of the Internet back in the day). We're seeing how quickly it's taking over more and more new industries, which is why it's of crucial importance for absolutely all companies to rebuild their processes.


Join us for a one-hour session in which we'll show you how to do it - quickly and easily. We'll focus on three distinct stages of the learning journey to use AI technology to improve the efficiency of certification centers by streamlining course and assessment management. 

AI learning

Stage 1 - Accelerate & scale your courses with AI content generation: Learn how generative AI algorithms can help create large numbers of courses for certification centers 10x faster and at significantly lower costs

Stage 2 - Turn information consumption into active knowledge discovery with LMS: Discover the benefits of using advanced technology within an LMS to optimize course organization, tracking, and learner engagement.

Stage 3 - Assess & maintain high standards with AI proctoring: See how you can integrate proctoring solutions into different workflows and discover the many advantages of using an AI-based proctoring tool.

Dmitriy Istomin
Head of Business Development, Constructor
Maria Mashkeeva
Maria Mashkeeva
Business Development Manager, Constructor
Yaroslav Smirnov - BW
Yaroslav Smirnov
Lead Product Manager, Constructor
Marieve Choquette - BW
Mariève Choquette
Product Marketing Manager, Constructor