The real impact of Artificial Intelligence in Racing - a fire chat with the Racing Strategy leader of one of the most winning teams in NASCAR about how AI is changing the game

07 December, 2023

Date: 7th  December, 2023 
Time: 4.00PM CET - 10AM EST
Duration: 1 hour


In the fiercely competitive world of motorsports, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a true game-changer. Not only it's revolutionizing F1 racing, it is also paving the way for groundbreaking developments in several other championships such as: NASCAR, Indy, Formula E, WEC and many more.


AI is a strategic ally of teams like Hendrick Motorsports. In today's fire chat, you will hear directly from Alba Colón, Hendrick's Director of Technical Partnerships, about what it takes to become one of NASCAR'S most legendary teams by leveraging sports tech.


Join the webinar to gain insights from the world's top experts and discover innovative solutions that make a difference in motorsports.


Alba Colon
Alba Colón
Director of Technical Partnerships - Hendrick Motorsports

Alba joined Hendrick Motorsports in January 2018 in her current role as Director of Technical Partnerships, and helps the teams with their simulation programs, data acquisition and strategy tools. She commands a team of engineers to provide the resources needed for the fleet of Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LEs to go as fast as possible on race days.


Alba is one of five women selected to share their story of making a name in an industry that is male dominated. The resounding message from the strong group of women was to be passionate, follow your dreams and to take risks in trying to achieve those career goals.

Nikita Tkachev
Nikita Tkachev
Head of Product - Constructor Sports tech

As the Head of product within Constructor's Sports teams solution, Nikita spearheads the creation of state-of-the-art machine intelligence (MI) products. With a robust background in Machine Learning and Cloud Computing, Nikita is dedicated to equipping sports entities and athletes with the tools to harness technology's utmost potential. 


His experience both in technical and management roles allows him to effectively bridge the gap between engineering and business to drive product strategy and execute on the product roadmap.

Zeca Carvalho, Chief growth offices, constructor group, sports tech
Zeca Carvalho
Chief Growth Officer - Constructor Sports tech

As the Chief growth officer of Constructor's Sports teams solution, Zeca plays a pivotal role in driving the evolution of our sport tech products in the industry. With over 80 team partners worldwide, Zeca has spearheaded the development of groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence projects that serve as the foundation for Constructor's innovative offerings. 


With a proven track record in building and scaling tech companies across Southeast Asia and Latam, Zeca brings valuable expertise to our team.

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Hendrick Motorsports partners with Constructor to enhance real-time team strategy. Through an innovative voice recognition project, every NASCAR Cup Series radio conversation will be now tracked and transcribed in real-time to amend the racing strategy and provide race analytics in real-time.