Retain or Regret: How can innovative AI solutions address the skills gap?

18 April, 2024

A staggering 77% of businesses worldwide are grappling with skilled talent scarcity. 


In today's cutthroat corporate arena, talent retention isn't just a challenge – it's a battleground. Fail to nurture your workforce, and you're left scrambling to fill the gaps, risking productivity, innovation, and ultimately, your bottom line. 


That's why we've gathered industry experts to share their insights on leveraging technology, such as AI, to retain top talent and avoid losing them to the competition. Providing employees with opportunities to acquire new skills, adapt to evolving learning and development needs, develop within their positions, and pursue career advancement leads to increased retention rates.


Join us for a 45-minute session and transform your workforce from a liability into your most valuable asset. Reserve your spot now and embrace the future of talent retention with confidence.

corporate webinar

1. Understanding skills gap and talent retention: explore challenges in today's workforce and their impact on organizational success.

2. Significance of addressing skills gaps: discover why unaddressed skills gaps are problematic for businesses, supported by data-driven insights.

3. AI & technology solutions that address the challenges: learn how innovative AI and tech solutions tackle skills gaps and enhance talent retention by creating learning experiences.

4. AI and emotional intelligence (EQ) in corporate environments: how AI can blend with EQ for efficient capability development and talent retention.

5. Interactive Q&A: Engage in a session tailored to your organization's needs, clarifying doubts and gaining actionable insights.

Speaker Dinesh Gagnani
Dinesh Gagnani
Head of Learning and Development Takaful Oman Insurance S.A.O.G

Dinesh holds an MBA with a specialization in HR and is also a Certified Learning Consultant from Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI). With over 13 years of experience, he has been instrumental in developing skills and competencies by creating engaging and effective learning experiences for employees of leading insurance companies across India, Oman, the UAE, and Kuwait.

Ivelina Zhelezcheva
Global Human Resources Director

Ivelina is an executive HR professional with 18 years of experience in the field. Driven by passion, innovation, and positivity, she approaches challenges with a keen eye for solutions. With a solid educational background in Human Resources Management and Psychology and certification as an NLP Business and Life Coach, Ivelina brings a unique blend of expertise and insight to every endeavour.