Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP)

Streamline your educational institution's day-to-day business activities with an all-in-one enterprise resource planner


Constructor ERP benefits

By embracing digital transformation in your day-to-day, your educational institution can remain competitive and plan for the future. 


With anytime, anywhere access that ensures operational continuity and business resilience, save time and money with the enterprise integrated solution for managing finances, assets, and student data.


A full suite of accounting functions to integrate all your financial operation needs

 Claim and procurement


 Billing management (for students/customers)


 Payment and bank processing


 Reporting (BI/Statutory/Management)


 Financial integrations


Everything you need to build and scale with Constructor ERP

Business efficiency

  • Centralized data repository (multi departmental usage)
  • Efficiency by reducing duplicate entries and overlapping processes
  • Faster and easier data searches
  • Online reporting and dashboards

Infrastructure and security

  • ISO Certified Cloud Data Location (protection and reliability) 
  • Standardizing processes across the organization more easily 
  • TCO optimization with a single solution provider (less IT, less licensing costs) 
  • Cloud integration with facility applications and student portals

Functional improvement

  • Modular provisioning 
  • Modular pricing and licensing 
  • Microsoft Stack .NET Technologies behind

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