Infrastructure for science, education and administration

Reliable. Scalable. Secure.

Unified cloud infrastructure is designed with ready-to-go configurations that provide unmatched support and service for education and research. You can operate on-premises or in a private university cloud, all with a unified cloud approach. 


Meaning you can get the similar Public Cloud like experience for your university, while having sensitive data remain inside and services customized to reflect established processes and be integrated with existing SW solutions.

Key features

  Pre-configured and verified infrastructure for researchers


  Modular, all-in-one university cloud solution for education, research & administration tasks


  IT infrastructure maintenance and providing 24/7 support


  Integration with in-house university systems

key features

Why Constructor?

achieve excellence

Achieve academic excellence

with ease with our cutting-edge infrastructure, including our own datacenter and federation with other clouds like quantum computers/HPC.

Streamline usage and operations

Streamline usage and operations

with tailored made tool tailored to your university's needs for research and hosting.

Collaborate and innovate

Collaborate and innovate

with our partner model, which provides you with the same infrastructure advantage and tools used by our own researchers.

Compute and storage

Control panels


Security and data protection

Global local datacenters as a service

Software-defined compute


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