Personalize, present and engage with an AI-powered Avatar.

Bring your virtual content to life

Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with Avatar, enabling you to create compelling videos and bring your virtual self to life.


Whether you’re delivering educational lectures, corporate training, or engaging in professional sports activities, Avatar enhances your audience’s experience and ensures a memorable impact.

Use cases

Lectures & presentations

Transform how you present online to be more interactive and accessible.

On-demand onboarding

Simplify onboarding with interactive modules and standardized online content.

Learning & development

Create compelling presentations, demos & tutorials to improve knowledge retention.

Multilingual marketing

Break language barriers & reach global markets by creating videos in multiple languages.


Create your AI Avatar

Recreate your virtual self with video and audio recordings, giving your Avatar personalized facial expressions, voice and body movements.

Versatile media support

Add and embed any content you want seamlessly in your videos, whether it’s images, audio clips, or video footage.

Transform virtual lessons

Turn your content into captivating talk-style presentations, without the need for high production costs.

Text-to-speech engine

Optimize narrative delivery with text-to-speech by providing marked-up text for precise control over prosody and intonation.

Easy authoring & updates

Create, revise and fine-tune your content as many times as needed – select the avatar and generate your video.


Expand your reach with a built-in translation feature offering multi-language options to engage a global audience.

Ready to start creating, customizing, and sharing your content like never before?