Reimagine your virtual and hybrid classroom experience


A virtual classroom software that helps to prepare, run and analyse online and hybrid classes interactively

Students will be able to engage actively with their instructors and peers thus improving students’ learning outcomes. Empowering educators to create and deliver interactive learning experience.

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Why Constructor Classroom

Prepare session ahead of time

Structure your classes and upload all the materials that you need for the session ahead of time!

Improve interaction with students virtually

Our rich annotation capabilities empowers instructors to provide students with more succinct explanation.


Provide insights that analyzes overall session engagement of your students.

Focus on active learning

Empowers instructors to create and leverage interactive and practical teaching and learning tools (quizzes, polls) that allows for maximum learner engagement.

Spark discussions

With collaborative whiteboards and breakout rooms, your students will be engaged in a vibrant discussion.

Optimizes time for class preparation & study revision

Recorded classes can be reused, adjusted, reviewed with all files, session structure, discussions and annotations.

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The solution tailored for your higher education needs

For instructional designers

  • Prepare classes in advance
  • Tools for keeping classes in order
  • Improve classes based on statistics and students’ feedback
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For instructors

  • Organize sessions in the needed way
  • Collaboration tools to make session more efficient and entertaining
  • Statistics to adjust future sessions
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For students

  • Convenient and efficient UI
  • Tools like annotations, whiteboarding and personal notebook
  • Recordings and session outputs

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