Coding Lab

Coding Lab

Generate engaging programming courses in a code-centric, developer-friendly lab and automate your teaching approach

Coding lab

Key features of Constructor Coding Lab

Create and deliver captivating coding exercises suitable for full-stack or data science courses, that foster an engaging and hands-on programming experience for learners.

Everything you need to build and scale

Seamlessly integrate programming

exercises with any courses

Reduce time and effort

for delivering and assessing coding assignments

Increase efficiency

with real-time collaboration and intelligent feedback

Exclude errors

and assistance requests for development environment configuration

Ensure integrity

with automated code similarity checks and session recording

Increase transparency

with extensive analytics

Leaders transforming the educational landscape

"Coding Lab helps us provide both very interactive and scalable online training to all our students globally. "

Laurent Meyer
Constructor Academy

"Coding Lab has completely transformed the way we deliver coding education to our students, offering a highly engaging and effective method of online training."

Abigail Matin

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