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Improve every child’s literacy skills through an award-winning, inclusive online training

How does Constructor Grafari (Orthograph) support your child successfully and assures you, that you use the right tool for your child?

Neuropsychology and IT

Enables the brain to more easily match the spoken to the written language and to detect orthographic patterns through novel, multi-sensory learning using colors, shapes, structures and tones.

Highest learning efficiency

Scientific studies show that children make significant progress. They practice independently with minimal involvement from their parents.

Individualized learning paths

Analyzes error patterns and individually tailors the learning content to your child’s needs to facilitate maximum progress.

Automatic progress analysis

Automatically provides learning reports and progress analysis, allowing you as a parent to assess your child's progress.

How does Constructor Grafari (Orthograph) make learning playful and engaging?

The multi-sensory elements of the playful interface facilitate the mapping of spoken language to written language and vice versa. Grafari (orthograph) continuously analyzes learners' behavior and provides personalized exercises that consider individual learning speeds and error patterns. As a result, learners are able to independently develop their spelling skills and are rewarded for their learning success.

100,000+ children benefited from the evidence-based spelling program

3 x 20 minutes

training per week

15 years

of research in AI


fewer spelling errors

> 1000 schools

have used this program

Discover the effectiveness of an award-winning approach

The program's innovative and multi-sensory approach facilitates effective spelling mastery, even for children with LRS/dyslexia. Simultaneously, children without learning difficulties advance through the exercises more swiftly. Grafari (orthograph) incorporates over 8,000 words of essential vocabulary, aligning with the curriculum of multiple federal states and providing practicality in foreign language learning as well.



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Help your child improve their literacy skills with Grafari (Orthograph) at home

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Winner 2021
Cool tool finalist 2022
Klaus Jacobs Awards
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Scientifically proven

The efficacy of Grafari (Orthograph) has been scientifically proven through joint research with leading universities and multiple peer-reviewed studies.


University Zurich

DRK Kliniken Berlin

University Potsdam

Parents changing educational landscape

“As a mother, there's nothing more rewarding than watching your child thrive. Thanks to this program, my child excels in ways I never thought possible.”

Barbara Tracy

“Regular use of Grafari (Orthograph) leads to significant improvements of ability to spell.”

Dennis Brown

Grafari (Orthograph) [English, US]

An online spelling application for ages 6+, that helps improve reading and writing skills by up to 30% by engaging multiple senses.

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