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Master German spelling with our online application, Grafari (Phonics)

Effortlessly helps children learn and master spelling up to 6th grade. Grafari (Phonics) introduces writing skills, while Grafari (Orthograh) specifically emphasizes spelling practice.

How does Constructor Grafari (Phonics) support both learners and educators successfully?

Neuropsychology and IT

Enables the brain to effortlessly map spoken and written language by leveraging innovative, multi-sensory learning techniques involving colors, shapes, visemes, and tones to detect orthographic patterns.

Individualised learning paths

Continuously assesses users' learning behavior and error patterns, automatically tailoring an individualized process for optimal learning progress.

Mastery learning

Ensures that each learner has sufficient mastery of a skill before moving on to the next one. This is accomplished through automatic repetition and, if necessary, revisiting previous skills.

Automatic progress analysis

Provides educators with one-click learning reports, class overviews, and per-learner error analysis, enabling effortless integration into teaching or intervention.

99% of teachers acknowledge the progress made with Constructor Grafari (Phonics)

3 x 20 minutes

training per week

15 years

of experience in developing learning programs



100% assistance

in teacher training and technical support

How does Grafari (Phonics) ease teacher stress and helps improving German spelling lessons ?

The learning system provides a consistent motivation for acquiring spelling skills from kindergarten through 6th grade. Learners have the flexibility to train independently, according to their individual learning needs and pace. The coach function offers an overview of their learning progress and identifies potential stumbling blocks at any given time. Grafari (Phonics) introduces writing skills, while Grafari (Orthograph) focuses on spelling practice.

Independent learning anytime and anywhere with computer and tablet devices

With our innovative Grafari (Phonics) learning system, we offer teachers and schools a comprehensive solution to teach German spelling consistently and effectively from kindergarten to 6th grade, ensuring learners securely acquire essential skills. The modules for the initial two years will be accessible starting from the summer of 2022/23.


Kombinieren Sie Grafari (Basics) mit unserem Schreiblabor, um lustvolles schreiben eigener Geschichten anzuregen.

Constructor Schreiblabor

Das Belohnungssystem von Grafari (Basics) ist in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kinder- und Jugendbuchautor Carlo Meier entstanden. Die Lernenden tauchen in verschieden Erlebniswelten ein, erhalten spannende Informationen zu Sachthemen und werden zum Entwickeln und Schreiben eigener Geschichten inspiriert.

Constructor Schreiblabor

Diese können im Schreiblabor mithilfe vieler Funktionen und Schreibaufträgen kreativ umgesetzt werden. Kurzbeschrieb herunterladen, um mehr über Schreiblabor zu erfahren

Scientifically proven

The efficacy of Grafari has been scientifically proven through joint research with leading universities and multiple peer-reviewed studies.



University Zurich

DRK Kliniken Berlin

University Potsdam

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Winner 2021
Cool tool finalist 2022
Klaus Jacobs Awards
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Leaders transforming the educational landscape

"Regular use of Grafari leads to significant improvements in a child’s ability to spell."

Erika Iseli
Speech Therapist

"Grafari is original, efficient and is readily used by children. The effort required from teachers is minimal, but the return is extraordinary!"

Max Sidler