Learning Management System (LMS)

Transform passive information consumption into high-engagement knowledge discovery

Converting complex topics into interactive content

  Supercharge your current capacity to create and personalize content by 10X.


  Active learning experiences: Leave aside concerns about outdated structured content conventions, limited scalability and insufficient learner engagement.


  Quick analytics: Track learning progress and gain valuable insights through detailed reporting down to single activities.


  Limitless content libraries: Enjoy an easy-to-use interface and feel empowered to produce high-quality content with rapid authoring.


Key features of Constructor LMS

Rapid authoring

with clean, distraction-free user interfaces

Full flexibility

in structuring courses and programs

Active learning

emphasizes interactivity and engagement

Limitless extensibility

with content libraries and marketplace

Open API

for seamless integrations

Advanced reporting

for clear learning management

Brands who trust us

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Leaders transforming the educational landscape

“The LMS tools work seamlessly together, enabling us to monitor our team's progress and cater to their specific learning requirements. We couldn't be more pleased with the software and its exceptional performance.”

Ella Watson

“Corporate e-learning and training programs benefit significantly from well-designed education management systems. They support different pedagogies. In addition to our programs, we also offer a continuing education program, which has helped us to improve our processes in terms of scheduling, fees, and learning options. The software is developed precisely to meet the requirements of the institution. It works flawlessly.”

Siti Kadijah S.