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A leading AI expertise continually improving since 2015

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50+ countries

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video & audio in AI-trained datasets 

Procto for IT

Constructor Proctor for IT

Constructor Proctor for faculties

Constructor Proctor for faculties

Key benefits

Trained and powerful AI

Facial recognition

Speech detection

Tab change detection

Identity verification

Absence of examinee

Unauthorized person

Gaze direction

Use of earphones

Use of smartphone

How to use Constructor Proctor

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"We were impressed with the technical expertise and problem-solving skills demonstrated by your team throughout the integration process. We believe that this level of knowledge sets your company apart from others in the industry and gives us confidence in our ongoing partnership."

Orienta Campus

"We use AI-review proctoring mode for our exams: students can take exams at their convenience and artificial intelligence checks the video and gives a final proctoring status. This is very advantageous for us and saves teachers’ time checking videos."

Nathan Cooper
Chief Academic Officer

Best Online Proctoring Solution 2021

"Best Online Proctoring Solution" 2021 by EdTech Breakthrough Awards


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