Constructor Proctor for faculties

Constructor Proctor for faculties

Elevate exam experiences, embrace academic integrity

Allocate your attention and recourses more effectively, providing a more streamlined and targeted experience. With the assistance of AI-driven events, proctors enable the monitoring of up to 100-150 learners online simultaneously and can effectively focus on the top 10 suspicious students during a specific time period.


By prioritizing the most suspicious cases, live proctors can allocate their attention and resources more effectively, providing a more streamlined and targeted proctoring experience.

Why use Constructor Proctor?

1. Enhance scalability of live proctoring

Manage large numbers of students more efficiently, while maintaining academic integrity.

2. Proactive, secure monitoring to ensure academic integrity

Monitor exam sessions for academic misconduct, alerting a live proctor to join the student's session in real time if any issues are detected.

3. Compatible with multiple LMS platforms and adhering to the LTI 1.3 standard.

Provides a versatile, adaptable tool that enhances security and credibility while maintaining a user-friendly experience. Integrates seamlessly with various LMS platforms, including Moodle and Open edX, thanks to dedicated plugins.

4. Secure “Sandbox”

Protects exam content and limits user access to specific functions and websites.