secure browser

Secure Browser

Protect exam content and limit user access to specific functions and websites

Secure “Sandbox” capabilities

Virtual environmental detection

USB device detection

Kiosk mode and forced full screen

Hotkeys blocking

Mirror display prevention

Forbidden applications blocking

Virtual environment detection

Prevents the user from launching proctoring in a virtual machine. 


Use case: A candidate opens proctoring in a blank virtual machine (VM) without any additional software. In the proctoring system, all that's visible is the screen from the VM that was opened in the Google Chrome host machine, and the candidate is free to partake in unfair assessment activities. To prevent this, during the system check, we determine whether it's a virtual environment and the candidate cannot start the assessment.

Virtual Lab

USB device detection

The proctor obtains the list of devices during the system check stage. During the assessment, the system detects whether new devices are connected or old devices have been disconnected and sends an alert.


Use case: Before or during the assessment, a candidate decides to change his keyboard and gives it to their friend. The system displays information on the keyboards and other devices on the video report page.

USB plugged into laptop

Kiosk mode

Locks down the browser interface and limits user access to specific functions and websites, there is no additional functionality except closing the app.

Forced full screen

Secure Browser opens with forced full screen if high security level is chosen. Windows cannot be minimized due to the Kiosk mode.

Hotkeys blocking

Navigation and system control

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y
Ctrl+A, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+P, Ctrl+S, Ctrl+O
Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Tab, Windows+Tab, Command+Tab
Windows+D, Windows+L

Text editing

Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U
Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow, Ctrl+Backspace/Delete
Command+B, Command+I, Command+U
Option+Left/Right Arrow,

Web browsing

Ctrl+T, Ctrl+Shift+T,
Ctrl+WCtrl+R, Ctrl+L, Ctrl++(Zoom In),
Ctrl+-(Zoom Out)
Command+T, Command+Shift+T,
Command+R, Command++(Zoom In), Command+-(Zoom Out)

Multiple displays prevention

Detects connected displays in extended mode, works also in web app

Mirror display prevention

Detects displays, connected in mirroring mode in Windows and MacOS and prevents proceeding to exam