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Research platform

Platform benefits

  Leverage a Zero Code user experience (UX): you focus on your research, we’ll take care of the rest.


  Simplify the reproducibility of your research experiments with automated workflows and access to a library of aggregated common datasets and well-organized data that supports multiple R&D cycle activities


  Accelerate your research lifecycle by implementing AI-based computational modelling equipped with a collaborative environment that enables researchers to share and monetize data, algorithms and interactive publications


  Advance the reproducibility of experiments creates space for more comprehensive research findings

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First research that used Constructor Research platform is now published


A team under the leadership of Kostya Novoselov and Andrey Ustyuzhanin published a paper “Sparse representation for machine learning the properties of defects in 2D materials” in a prestigious journal npj Computational Materials. The code and the trained model weights are available at Constructor Research platform.


Leaders transforming the science landscape

“We use Constructor Research platform to unify data produced by different research groups, run machine intelligence on the data set, and accelerate our research as a result.”

Konstantin Novoselov
Nobel Prize winner
Prof. of Physics at the National University of Singapore

“Our research objects are mainly people’s psychological and behavioral processes, and the responses of participants are diverse. Our data may include unexpected outliers. In addition to the standard computational resources researchers usually use, we have needs in those Rolos features that are particularly useful for data cleaning and data imputation”

Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke
Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke
Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Psychology & Methods

Unique access to a wide scale set of expandable marketplace and knowledge base networks as well as reselling functionalities to optimize research sharing. 


Constructor Research platform has a database of applications, catalogs, libraries and standard workflows designed and configured for optimal computation and effective research processes. These solutions, installed automatically from the dashboard and integrated with specific scientific projects, streamline processes by limiting the need for manual deployment.


Why to use Constructor Research platform

Publish researchers’ publications and workflows

making them available to other scientists and researchers globally while monetizing the IT products they develop

Boot researchers’ applications and workflows

on a global level by automated installation and streamlined processes

Simplify managing and sharing

different types of scientific content and research on a global, multi sectoral level. Sharing knowledge of documents including presentations, scripts, catalogs, databases, articles, workflows, templates, images, and more has never been easier. 

Benefit both organizations outsourcing

as well as institutions and researchers looking to leverage advanced machine learning capabilities with accessing Constructor compute and storage reselling functionality

Optimize computing and storage,

which means advanced research. In short, this enables organizations leveraging Constructor Research platform deployed directly in their own datacenter to automatically provision VMs and storage upon request from partners

Distribute Constructor Research platform with your brand name,

utilizing all available compute resources, applying this ‘white label’ approach

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