Avatar product update: March 2024

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that will bring your projects to life like never before: Dynamic Avatar Mode


Now, your Avatar can gesture while speaking, creating a more engaging and lively presentation. This feature is designed to enhance the realism of your avatars, making your videos even more captivating.


How to activate Dynamic Avatar mode


Activating Dynamic Avatar mode is straightforward. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Preparation

    Ensure you have a project with an Avatar added to your current scene.

  2. Activation

    Navigate to Avatar preferences within your project and toggle the Dynamic Avatar option to "on" for the desired scene.

  3. Generate Your Video

    Once activated and your video is generated, you'll see your Avatar gesturing along with its speech, adding a whole new level of engagement to your presentations.



Please note the following restrictions and requirements:



Not all Avatars support Dynamic Avatar Mode. Ensure your selected Avatar is compatible.


Text Length Requirement

Dynamic Avatar Mode requires a minimum of 130 symbols in the narration text (or 10 seconds of audio) to be activated. This ensures that the gestures align well with the content being presented.


Application Scope

Once enabled, Dynamic Avatar Mode applies to the entire scene, including all text within the Text Editor.


Dynamic Adjustments

Should the text amount fall below the required limit after activation (e.g., from editing the script), Dynamic Avatar Mode will be automatically disabled for that scene. A notification will be displayed to inform you of this change.


Pre-Rendering Checks

Our system will verify that all scenes meet the requirements for Dynamic Avatar Mode before rendering. This ensures a seamless integration of gestures throughout your video.



If a scene with enabled Dynamic Avatar Mode does not meet the necessary requirements, warning labels will be displayed on the scene's thumbnails and the option toggle when the scene is selected.



This new feature is part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the tools you need to create stunning, interactive, and engaging content. We can't wait to see how Dynamic Avatar Mode enhances your projects!