Constructor Learning monthly update: October 2023

This month's update includes improvements and added features to:


What's new with Constructor LMS?




  • Grouping courses and programs into collections
  • Notification management for instructors
  • Creating and using terms
  • Default settings in proctoring mode
  • Added instructor information in programs and courses
  • Improved navigation
  • Improved mobile support
  • Cover image editor for content components


Grouping courses and programs into collections


Instructors need to be able to group courses and programs into collections. These collections have several purposes: for example, to promote certain courses and programs in the catalog, or to recommend ones related to the courses and programs in which the learner is enrolled. In this way, learners can browse the catalog and find the courses and programs of their choice.


To meet this requirement, we have introduced the Collection Manager for Learning Administrators. With this feature, they can create new collections and populate them with objectives from the Objectives list.


A new special field enables instructors to attach an objective to a collection. In addition, collection names are added as tags in the Catalog and My Courses sections for convenient filtering. When a learner clicks on a collection, courses and programs belonging to the selected collection are filtered.


Notification management for instructors


LMS can be configured to automatically send various notifications to instructors. To help them avoid cluttering their inboxes with emails, we have introduced an option allowing them to select the notifications they wish to receive for each course or program.


A special section, Notifications, has been added to each objective. Instructors, Group and Unit managers can select which notifications to receive in this section.


We've also added an option for Global Instructors to manage notifications sent to other users. Global Instructors have a link in each objective that leads to a list of other instructors with access to manage the objective. From this list, Global Instructors can select which notifications these instructors will receive.


Creating and using terms


In educational institutions, it's common practice to track learner enrollments in relation to academic periods such as semesters, quarters, or other defined terms. With this update, we are introducing a feature that allows authors of learning content to create and manage these periods, each identified by a name, a start date and an end date. Instructors and administrators can now use these pre-configured terms when enrolling learners for specific courses or programs, simplifying the process.


Default settings in proctoring mode


For many instructors, it's important to limit what learners can see after completing exams, including their answers, grades and scores. Previously, these parameters had to be configured manually. With this release, we simplify things for the teaching staff by automatically disabling the review of proctored exams for learners after they have submitted their answers.


Adding instructor information to programs and courses


We've added a special instructor information block to the About the Program or About the Course page. This block can contain the instructor's or course author's bio, credentials and other relevant details. This creates a personal touch and helps learners feel more connected to the course team, increasing their confidence in these courses or programs. Furthermore, the addition of visually appealing and informative sections helps to better capture the audience's attention.


Improved navigation


We've reworked the platform's navigation to enhance the learner experience. The new navigation is now intuitive and helps learners move effortlessly around the platform, with a global "hamburger" menu and customized menus in the course player. We've improved the way breadcrumbs are displayed, and added clear indications of which elements are clickable and which are not. Breadcrumbs now show the correct location of elements in the course.


Improved mobile support


The renewed platform interface is responsive and mobile-friendly. Learners can now easily access courses on their mobile devices.


Cover image editor for content components


Content creators can now attach a cover image to any learning activity they are working on in LMS. This feature helps programs, courses and activities to communicate their purpose more clearly. To maintain consistency, cover images must adhere to a standard size to ensure a uniform look for all cover images. The standard size also ensures that an image does not overlap with LMS service elements and that it is displayed above course content or activity tiles.


We've introduced an image editor that facilitates resizing and cropping when uploading cover images, making it easier to comply with standard dimensions. In addition, this image editor is available in the instructor interface, enabling the instructor to adjust the original photo for correct display in the course details.


What's new with Constructor Classroom?



  • Learner engagement tracking
  • Chat enhancement
  • Improved user interface layout
  • Added noise cancellation
  • New desktop layouts


Learner engagement tracking


Enhanced learner engagement tracking provides instructors with valuable information on learner participation. This helps to better target assistance and personalize learning experiences.


Chat enhancement


An indication of new messages has been added to the chat icon. This addition helps online class participants stay informed and engaged during the session. They can easily spot when new messages have been received, so they don't miss out on important information or discussions.


Improved user interface layout


The layout has been improved. This enhances the learning experience of online class participants by providing a user-friendly, organized platform for easy navigation and interaction.


Added noise cancellation


Noise levels have been reduced and audio quality improved for online sessions. This enhances the experience of participants in online classes, eliminating distractions caused by background noise and enabling them to concentrate better on the course content.


New desktop layouts


Users can activate the Focused mode of the desktop layout by clicking on the Pin button in one of the participant's camera windows. The selected tile will become larger and be marked as focused. To return to the regular mode, users must unpin the window. When resizing the conference window, the size of the participants' portraits is automatically adjusted.