Constructor Schools monthly update: December 2023

We are happy to announce the release of the new Grafari Coach.


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  • If you and your learners are completely new to Grafari, once you enter the Coach, you will be provided with precise and clear guidelines on how to start using  Grafari application with your class. And these instructions will help you introduce Graphari to your learners so they could start using the application in no time and with lots of joy. 


  • Now you can create your learners right in the Coach. You don't need to have special admin rights, and in just a few clicks you can add one or a few learners in your group. Licenses will automatically assign to the new learners.


  • One of the most helpful new features is progress tracking. You can enter a profile of an individual learner and see what module and what exercise he or she is working on. 


  • Progress tracking is a valuable tool that significantly saves your time and helps you define when intervention is necessary.  Grafari provides personalized path for every group of learners and every individual learner too. Now, with learning settings it's easier than before. You can change settings per module, enable or disable vis-a-vis or adjust how individual letters are written. When you adjust settings for an individual learner and they are different from those of a group, you receive a warning. Whatever changes you make, don't forget to save them by clicking on the Save button. 


  • The download center of  Grafari Coach keeps the most important documents you need to use with your class. You now can download picture password credentials and a parent letter with instructions for parents, so that your learners could use Graphari at home. We hope you'll love the new  Grafari Coach as much as we do.