Constructor Schools monthly update: February 2024

We are delighted to announce the release of our brand new Grafari Phonics Module 5: Capitalized Nouns and Sentence Beginnings, available now.


This module targets 2nd and 3rd graders, continues on a course of nouns spelling, set in Modules 3 and 4, and has a lot of new content to offer!

only available in German


Concrete Nouns (Recommended for 2nd Grade)

Through a set of carefully designed exercises, we lay a strong foundation for students’ understanding of a noun via capitalizing individual nouns and sentence beginnings. Students learn the concept of a noun by using articles, capitalizing letters on the keyboard and distinguishing nouns from other parts of speech.


Abstract Nouns (Recommended for 3rd Grade)

3rd grade is a great time for students to expand their vocabulary and learn to recognize and use abstract nouns. Our exercises guide students in distinguishing concrete from abstract nouns.


Key Features of Module 5

Typing and writing sentences – in this hybrid exercise students can practise typing and writing on paper complete sentences! In Module 4 students only practised typing and writing words.

Self-correction – we engage students by asking them to carefully review their answers before they submit them. Be your own teacher!

Individualized training – Repetition loops and additional practice blocks address individual needs of learners and make training more personalised.


Reward System – Coastal World

And last, but not least, in Module 5 reward system, students can explore a new adventure Coastal World, created by children's and youth book author Carlo Meier.


Try new Module 5!

To help your students start Module 5, just enter your Coach account and set Module 5 for your class or an individual student in Learning settings.


In this document, you will find further information about the structure of Module 5 (only in German).


Grafari Module 5 product update summary