Constructor Schools monthly update: November 2023

Grafari Phonics:


  • Improvements in the reward system
  • New vocabulary items
  • Improvements in the Transition ¾ Module


What's new:


Product screenshot

Improvements in the reward system

Now the fact cards in the Reward System of Grafari are numbered. This change is meant to improve user experience and provide better orientation for learners.

New vocabulary items

Vocabulary has been expanded, with new words "Vase" and "Käfer" added. The words "Kamin" and "Käfer" are now considered as learning words.

Improvements in the Transition ¾ Module

In the result screen of the Transition ¾ Module, we have added phone playback and viseme display for enhanced user experience.


Grafari Orthograph:


Parents Coach for Orthograph in French and Spanish


Bonjour, hola 👋 !

We're thrilled to announce that Parents Coaches for Calcularis and Orthograph are now available in French (FR) and Spanish (LATAM).


Enhanced parents experience

Parents play a crucial role in their children's learning journey. With two new languages added to the Coach, we have expanded our reach to a wider audience. French and Spanish-speaking parents can now track their kids' progress, set learning goals, and monitor their performance. This feature empowers parents to actively engage in their children's education.


Multilingual communication

To ensure a smooth experience, all emails are now available in French and Spanish. This means that users will receive information in their preferred language, which makes the experience more user-friendly.