Constructor Schools monthly update: October 2023


  • Tracking learners’ inactivity in exercises
  • Displaying visemes in Vowel Length exercises 
  • Improved scrolling in the reward system
  • Improvements in /i/ and /ie/ categorisation exercises 


Tracking learners’ inactivity in exercises

 Now you are able to monitor learners’ activity closely during exercises. If a learner happens to pause for more than a minute, we've got their back! A friendly reminder pops up on their screen, encouraging learners to keep studying and continue with the exercise you're working on.


But here's the best part — we've fine-tuned this feature to be considerate of our learners. If they switch to a different screen and are not actively doing an exercise, the reminder won't bother them. We respect learners’ freedom to explore other aspects of Grafari without interruptions.


Displaying visemes in Vowel Length exercises 

Now, when learners do Length exercises, there’s an option to display visemes (mouth pictures). What are visemes, you ask? They are visual representations of speech sounds, and they can be incredibly helpful in improving pronunciation.


Here's how it works: if learners opt to use this feature, as they practice, they'll see these visemes alongside the phoneme. Visemes act as a visual guide, helping learners understand the correct mouth and lip movements required for each sound. Showing visemes is especially important for the exercises where the vowel length is trained. 


We know that everyone learns differently, so if a learner prefer not to have visemes displayed, they can easily disable this feature with just a click.


Improved scrolling in the reward system


In the reward system, some users previously encountered a minor issue while trying to highlight items in the shop. With this update, we're excited to let our learners know that the vertical scrolling issue is now a thing of the past. Now scrolling experience in the shop is smoother than ever — learners can effortlessly browse through all the exciting rewards, without any interruptions or delays.


Improvements in /i/ and /ie/ categorisation exercises 


In the past, some learners may have encountered challenges related to differentiating between the "i" and "-ie" sounds. We understand that these subtle distinctions can be tricky, and we're committed to helping our young learners master them with precision.


With this update, we've focused on addressing errors that are specifically related to these two sounds. Our improved categorisation exercise ensures that learners can practice distinguishing between "i" and "-ie" with greater accuracy than before. This fine-tuning aligns perfectly with the Vowel Length exercise, creating a seamless learning experience across all our exercises.