Constructor for Schools monthly update: September 2023


  • Module 3 enhancements
  • Transition Module with visemes
  • Module 4 enhancements


What’s new?

Module 3 enhancements

In the «Phone Recognition» exercises and the «Grapheme-Phoneme Assignment» exercise, we now display a viseme for the spoken phone.

Additionally, there is a new exercise called «Vowel Length» designed to train the differentiation between short and long vowels in spoken words. Recognizing short and long vowels in words is crucial for applying spelling rules later on (for example: doubling consonants after a short vowel). Visemes are also displayed in this exercise to support the learners in recognizing the asked vowel in the word. This exercise is introduced at the end of the Module 3 with a learning card. In Module 4, this exercise is revisited for more in-depth training.

The visemes can also be deactivated in the Grafari-Coach.


Transition Module 3/4 with visemes

In the «Transition Module», we now also display the viseme for the corresponding spoken phone.


Module 4 enhancements

In Module 4, the «i» vowel is consciously differentiated. The short «i» vowel (IPA: /i/) is spelled as regular «i». For the long «i» vowel, the spelling with «ie» is considered regular. This reflects the reality of the long «i» vowel: in most cases, «ie» is written for the long «i». Exceptions such as «Igel» (hedgehog), «Tiger», «Kaninchen» (rabbit), etc., are practiced as learning words.