Learning Management Platform monthly update: January 2023

Constructor's Learning Management Platform is a comprehensive learning solution for higher education institutions, schools, bootcamps, and enterprises. It employs active learning, machine intelligence, and automated content generation to facilitate digital transformation in education. 


Updated components




  • Support for Vimeo
  • Cover images for LTI activities

What’s new 

Support for Vimeo 

Vimeo is one of the most popular video hosting platforms on the internet. Now authors can insert Vimeo videos right into courses that they create in LMS. Also, they can assign videos to learners as separate assignments. This integration is implemented through a dedicated content library that helps an author to link videos from their Vimeo account and present them as content components in LMS.

When learners open a course containing Vimeo videos, they see the Vimeo player with the playback and navigation options. Learners’ progress in watching videos is recorded and shown in reports so instructors can check that a video was watched.

A course’s progress and completion can be configured to depend on the progress of the videos it contains.

Cover images for LTI activities 

Making courses engaging is one of the important tasks when creating digital content. Now authors can pick more captivating cover images for LTI activities instead of using the default ones. This helps authors to make such activities more attractive to learners and may prompt learners to start and complete these activities.

After a learner passes an LTI activity, the activity widget containing the cover image displays the learner’s results. If the activity supports this, the learner can open it to review or even retake it.

Cover images are also used as tiles in the content libraries. This helps authors to easily identify and find the activities they need.




  • Instructor interface improvements
  • Enhanced support of attachments and images
  • Expanded range of import formats

What’s new 

Instructor interface improvements 

Instructors can now view learners’ assignments in greater detail and easily manage them. The overall information is available, such as the number of used and remaining attempts, grade, assessment duration, time of submission, due date and so on.

Additionally, instructors can view detailed information about each question, and a learner’s answers with results (including correct and incorrect answers). As well as this, instructors can review and grade free-format response questions and provide meaningful feedback.

Enhanced support of attachments and images 

We have added a new functionality to enhance the support for attachments and images:

  • Authors can now add files and images to questions, and files to quiz descriptions.
  • Learners can now add files to their responses.
  • Instructors can add files as feedback when assessing learners’ assignments.

Expanded range of import formats 

In addition to Moodle XML, we added support of the GIFT and Aiken formats for importing files. This allows authors to easily transfer their existing content to our system and makes it easier for them to create and manage assessments.




  • Enhancements to Dashboard
  • Improved detection of forbidden processes
  • Single Sign-On
  • Fixed issues

What’s new 

Enhancements to Dashboard

In this release, we made a number of improvements on the Session page in Dashboard in order to make the search process faster and more convenient.

Now users can filter session data by these fields:

  • Session system status
  • Session evaluation status
  • Proctoring type
  • All proctors
  • All companies
  • Course name
  • Exam
  • Violation status
  • Violations

Improved detection of forbidden processes

Now if a learner opens a forbidden application after the exam starts, the system blocks the exam page and displays a warning to the learner. The warning states that the learner must close the application to proceed with the exam.

Single Sign-On

Now it’s possible to log in to Proctor using Single Sign-On.

Fixed issues and improvements

We made the following issue fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed pagination in Dashboard
  • Fixed the generation of the Collision report
  • Added ability to instantly send intermediate results to LMS when a proctor is reviewing an exam