Learning Management Platform monthly update: October 2022

We have introduced several updates for our platform.



The following features were added:

  • Nested compositions
  • Integration with Moodle
  • Ability to set activity statuses
  • Domain-specific login pages and identity providers
  • Integration with Azure services
  • Collecting user analytics
  • Group enrollment prioritization
  • Logging and events management
  • Improved UI


What’s new

Nested compositions

Authors can create a complex activity structure — add existing compositions into a new composition. This allows authors to reuse the content in various activities.

Integration with Moodle activities

Authors can add to composition activities supported by Moodle. This allows the platform to display to learner quizzes and use other Moodle plugins (H5P).

Ability to set activity statuses

Authors can set the following statuses to manage activities and control their versions: Draft, Ready, Expired, and Archived.

Draft and Archived activities are never shown to learners. Expired activities cannot be added to new compositions. Learners can see only activities with the Ready status.

Domain-specific login pages and identity providers

Now specific domains can be set for tenants in the tenant settings. This allows users of a domain to use a unique way to authenticate through the corporate email service or Active Directory. For example, logging in from a tenant’s domain is available only to users of that specific tenant.

Integration with Azure services

Integration with Azure services was introduced. Now such services can be integrated with the LMS and available to tenants.

Collecting user analytics

A number of events were added that track users’ behavior in the system. The collected data is used to visualize user activities: show numbers of active users and track their progress in objectives to analyze funnels and activities.

Group enrollment prioritization

Group enrollments can now be prioritized. A group with a lower ID number has a higher priority. Enrollment priorities affect setting due dates and assignment retake possibilities.

Logging and events management

New methods were introduced to log system behavior and record user actions. This allows administrators and instructors to audit the system and track user activities.

UI improvements

The following changes were implemented:

  • Group enrollment procedure

Now authors can enroll users when creating or modifying an objective. This makes the enrollment process smooth and seamless.

  • LTI activities

LTI activities that are built into objectives now have a better cards UI. It displays a learner’s progress and possible actions in a more clear and correct way.

  • User interfaces for learners, instructors and authors

Numerous improvements were applied to the interfaces. Now they are cleaner and more consistent.