Proctor monthly updates: October 2022


The current release was dedicated to the following:

  • Creating a list of forbidden processes for the desktop app high security level
  • Enhancing Dashboard
  • Enhancing Calendar
  • Hotkeys blocking for the desktop app high security level
  • Online monitoring page enhancements
  • New Calendar for learners
  • Learner UI design changes
  • Dashboard enhancements
  • Fixing a number of bugs
  • Application performance improvements

What’s new?

Forbidden process list for desktop app high security level

In the previous release, we added a new Active Browser security level both to the backend and frontend components.

In this release, we added a new flow: a list of forbidden processes. Now our exam authors can select what apps must be forbidden for examinees during their exam. This forbidden process list is added to the exam configuration. When examinees use our Active Browser with the high security level, the Active Browser recognizes forbidden apps and automatically closes all of them.

This change is valuable for the Active Proctor product as a whole because it makes exam sessions more honest and irreproachable.

Dashboard enhancement

We added new filters to the Calendar section in Dashboard. Now finding a necessary slot is easy: a user just needs to choose sorting parameters (companies, proctors, or durations). Users can choose one sorting parameter or several.

We implemented permissions to access the exam settings depending on a user’s role. Now only company administrators and users with the Superuser role can change exam parameters.

Calendar enhancement

We made our Calendar more flexible for updates. Now a user, who has the Superuser role, can change slots in the present and past. Any part of a slot can be updated: the time, duration, examinees, or proctors. This enhancement enables exam authors to add new information when an exam has already started.

Hotkeys blocking for the desktop app high security level

In the previous release, we added a new Active Browser security level both to the backend and frontend components. Also, we added a new flow: a list of forbidden processes.

In this release, we continued working on the high security level for the desktop app and created processes for blocking hotkeys during an exam. This feature excludes possibilities of cheating and ensures that exam sessions are honest and irreproachable.

Online monitoring page enhancements

Online monitoring page is a feature that complements monitoring exam by proctors. It can be used by administrators to check the exam process in real time and view active sessions of users who have the Proctor and Learner roles.

In this release, we continued working on improvements in this functionality. Now, users can mute and unmute the Online monitoring page.

New Calendar for learners

Our team did a great job to update the learner’s Calendar and ensure a more pleasant user experience. In this release, we polished its operation and fixed the remaining bugs.
Now Calendar works faster and had a more convenient and user-friendly interface.

Learner UI design changes

For learners, the design was fully updated for the downloading page of Secure Browser, and mobile and web apps. The page looks more attractive and informs learners more clearly about the necessity to use Secure Browser (if it’s not installed).

Fixed issues

We implemented the following issues:

  • Fixing impossibilities of opening slots in a new calendar by a learner
  • Fixing incorrect pop-up message for deleting slot’s series
  • Fixing an issue with not collecting videos after a timeout
  • Fixing problems with messages in chats
  • Fixing invalid dates in a new calendar
  • Fixing troubles with fields in Django admin Company
  • Fixing troubles with links in entries in dashboard
  • Fixing problems with creating session reports when a user used filters
  • Fixing problem with email and username not fitting in the side modal
  • Fixing bugs in Online monitoring page
  • Fixing problems with redirecting from the main page for different user roles
  • Fixing minor problems with translations
  • Fixing problems with the Calendar button in the proctoring interface
  • Fixing minor problems with naming inside reports


Additionally, we completed the following tasks:

  • auth without third-party cookies
  • ready integration for a new version of Respondus
  • deleted old archive
  • fixed swagger
  • prevented enrolling exam users who are not assigned this exam
  • Added data about the desktop app version for the backend part
  • Excluded the Video from mobile mode from reports about missing video
  • Added new parameters in the report generator
  • Rechecked and deleted unused and inactive parameters
  • Fixed the kiosk mode for the desktop app