Research Platform monthly update: July 2023


  • DataCatalog 
  • Connection to external Git
Product screenshot


What's new 


Recently, we have introduced a new functionality to provide the basic analytics tools — Data catalog. It is a tool designed for monitoring and exploring tabular data.

With these additions, user have the extended capabilities of building charts, including the aggregation functions and bar charts. These features allow users to create clear visual representations of serial data by applying defined functions and generating charts that accurately depict the distribution of numerical data.

Also, DataCatalog now supports sharing data frames with non-registered users through shareable links. Users with access to these shared data frames can apply filtering and sorting operations to analyze the data effectively. This makes data exploration more efficient for all users involved.


Connection to external Git

The External Git Connection feature allows users to connect their projects to external Git repositories for seamless collaboration. However, there may be instances where the connection gets interrupted. In such cases, it is essential for the user to have a clear understanding of the specific reason for the connection failure and to have the necessary credentials to restore it.

If an error occurs, users receive a notification with the details about the error. They can then use the credentials in the project settings to fix the connection and test it to ensure it is restored successfully.

This feature helps users manage and monitor their external Git connections, ensuring a seamless workflow for project owners.