Research Platform product update: April 2024


  • Introduction of XYZ files animated viewer
  • Enhanced workflow node creation
  • Improved user notifications
  • Enhanced files and folder upload
  • Configurable idle timeout for environments


Animated viewer


What's new


Introduction of XYZ files animated viewer

XYZ files are commonly used to display molecular structures. Users can now view XYZ files in the file manager, either as automatic 3D animated playback or frame-by-frame animation. It allows them to explore the molecular dynamics.


Enhanced workflow node creation

When configuring a workflow node, users now need to select a hardware configuration from the available predefined options to execute this node.


Improved user notifications

When viewing a publication, users will now receive notifications about updates to the source file. This helps them understand that the publication needs to be updated for changes to be visible to public readers.


Code editing in workflow nodes

Users can now edit code for the selected workflow node directly in the workflow UI, without the need to switch to VS Code and losing the context. This allows users to implement necessary code changes faster.


Enhanced files and folder upload

Now users can upload entire folders, including files and subfolders, to their desks. During the upload process, users can monitor the status of each file and cancel its uploading if necessary. This enhancement simplifies the process of importing all data, scripts, and other files to their projects on the platform.

The current upload limit is set to 50 files at once. The limit will be increased in future updates.


Configurable idle timeout for environments

Now users can configure idle timeouts for their environments. If no user interacts with an environment within the specified period, the environment automatically shuts down. This enhancement allows users to optimize resource usage, reduce costs, and improve platform availability for all users.