Research Platform product update: January 2024


  • Reverting custom environments to previous versions
  • Simplified publication management
  • Desk storage management
  • Realtime RAM usage monitoring
  • Viewing TIFF images
  • UI improvements
Desk storage management

What's new


Reverting custom environments to previous versions

Platform users can now revert a custom environment to a previously created version. Reverting to the previous state initiates a restart of the environment. All Python packages installed after saving the version are removed with reverting. This functionality is crucial for enabling users to quickly restore their environments to a known, stable state.

Simplified publication management

Now users can create publications with just one click directly from their desk by selecting the notebook and pressing ‘Convert to publication’. The same approach is used for updating publications with changes in the notebook. Users can also easily navigate to the original notebook from the publication UI. This approach speeds up creating and updating the publications.

Desk storage management

Users now can select the storage size when creating a desk if the default 10 GB volume is not suitable for their needs. Additionally, users can expand the storage size for their desk if they run out of space. With the new storage monitoring widget, users can see the storage usage for each of their desks. This feature enables more efficient resource management and helps users avoid errors due to insufficient space, such as installing large packages into the desk or uploading files.

Realtime RAM usage monitoring

Users can now track the RAM load while the VS Code environment is running, which prevents RAM usage problems. For example, users can see if they are approaching the RAM limit when they start some memory-consuming process and increase the RAM in the environment accordingly to prevent crashes.

Viewing TIFF images

Users can now preview TIFF image files in the file manager. That allows faster processing of such file types.

UI improvements

  • Icons for switching between the desk and VS Code were updated to better indicate their corresponding actions.
  • Users can now adjust the width of the left panel in the File Manager for better viewing of files with long names.

Fixed issues

  • The issue preventing the creation or update of publications was fixed.