Sports Tech monthly update: August 2023

Race comms

Added race flag indication

Race flags are now displayed during the session to signal their status (green, yellow, red, or checkered). This enhancement is aimed at improving race awareness and enabling the development of more user-friendly tools for future strategy analysis.

Time displayed is now track time

We've updated the time labels to reflect track time, which teams use regardless of their physical location, whether on the track or in the command center. Users can view local time by hovering over the session schedule.

Session message navigation

Users can now easily navigate to a specific "page" of the session, streamlining race and post-race analysis with a one-click solution instead of having to scroll through the entire message history. This feature also enables multiple engineers to efficiently communicate a particular stage of the session to their teammates, who can then navigate to that stage using the page number.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) model improvements

ASR model has been improved. Accuracy is now better on noisy audios and messages with "lingo".