SportsTech monthly update: January 2024



  • Manual session control introduced
  • Session pane enhancements
  • User management and authentication enhancements
  • Fixed bugs


What's new in Race comms


Manual session control introduced

While sessions generally start on schedule, users may need to manually start or stop sessions in certain cases due to unexpected delays or extensions during the event (for example, weather conditions). In such cases, users have the option to switch to manual mode and control the session flow.



Session pane enhancements

We’ve redesigned the session pane that contains the list of cars and drivers. To optimize the space use, the pane is now hidden by default. Each row includes a status indicator, enabling users to independently identify the session state (active, inactive, connecting, or error). As well as this, users can now manually assign one of the available channels to a specific car.


User management and authentication enhancements


We've introduced a new authentication system with Constructor user management capabilities under the hood. Organization administrators can now efficiently manage users and assign access roles. Organizational settings, including the color-coding scheme, are now accessible also through the new settings pane.


Fixed bugs


We implemented the following bug fixing and improvements:

  • Fixed the issue when the lead lap was unavailable during some of the events
  • Improved the overall responsiveness of the application
  • Fixed an issue where messages would suddenly stop appearing during an active session


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