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The effectiveness of Constructor’s learning software has been proven in a number of scientific studies. Grafari (Orthograph) has been shown to produce an average 30% reduction in errors following 12 weeks of training, while Calcularis shows a 30-45% increase in correctly solved problems depending on the task at hand (number line tasks, addition, subtraction, etc.) It also shows a proven reduction in math anxiety.


Effects of Calcularis training | part 2: changes in psychosocial characteristics (Effekte des Calcularis-Trainings | Teil 2: Veränderungen psychosozialer Merkmale)

Continuing on from Part 1, which appeared in the same publication, this study looked at the influence of Calcularis on mental irregularities, maths performance anxiety and the children’s own perception of their skills. In particular, it aimed to find out whether Calcularis training could lead to a measurable improvement in these characteristics.

Design and evaluation of the computer-based training program Calcularis for enhancing numerical cognition

The purpose of this article was both to introduce the key concepts of Calcularis (user-specific adaptations, multisensory learning, modelling of the neurological development process) and to present the results of the first Calcularis study, the aim of which was to show whether pupils were better able to cope with number line tasks and the basic operations of addition and subtraction as a result of using Calcularis.